Latest news

  • 10.31.2011
    Spectral Labs will be participating in the next IGIC 2011.

  • 07.15.2011
    Spectral Labs Incorporated is pleased to announce that Dr. Bill Hagan has joined our Board of Directors.

  • 02.16.2011
    Remote Services Implementation

  • 01.26.2011
    Spectral Labs awarded a DOD SBIR Phase I for the “IED Threat Mapping Information System (ITMIS) Network”

  • 01.21.2011
    SLI has a new web page

  • 11.02.2010
    RAILS Poster Presented

  • 10.15.2010
    SLI awarded a DHS SBIR Phase I award and starting work on the “Non-Intrusive Checkpoint Screening Wand (NICS)”

  • 10.01.2010
    Spectral Labs has moved to a larger facility

  • 08.19.2010
    Arecibo LED

  • 07.09.2010
    RAILS Phase II

  • 06.28.2010
    Spectral Labs Incorporated was awarded a DOD Phase I SBIR for research and development of a battery safety system to be used for Lithium Ion batteries

  • 11.01.2009
    Spectral Labs has kicked off an SBIR Phase I DHS program today Topic H-SB09.2-005, “Novel Diagnostic Imaging System” for C-IED

  • 10.01.2009
    RAILS Phase I


The SPECTRAL LABS mission is to leverage our broad technical skill set and the product development passion of our Employee Owners to innovate practical, high-quality solutions developed through a keen focus on customer requirements.

Customer Base and Collaborators Include:

DHS - S&T SAIC UC- Davis
DHS - DNDO Kalloc Studios UC- San Diego
NAVSEA - PMS 399 Gemini Design Cornell University
NAVSEA RADIAC Creative Electron Indiana University of PA
NSF AS&E Remote Sensor Lab